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I had the pleasure of spending a few hours on the range with Vince and another student. If you are looking to develop skills that would serve you in the real world, you’re in the right place. It was clear that Vince both has the knowledge, and continues to invest the time and effort in his own training to retain the skills. When you ask a question, you get great answers and often times a demo of what it should actually look like. During the training the other student was weaker in areas I was stronger in, and stronger in areas I was weaker in. Vince did a great job of identifying those weaknesses, and focusing us both on what we needed to work on individually.

Telly O.

Vincent is an incredible instructor. My sister and I took a lesson from him on shooting basics and just in the couple hours with him we saw so much improvement and gained so much knowledge and confidence! He is a great teacher, patient, and made it so much fun for us too!
We plan on having many more lessons with him!

Hannah I.

Highly recommend the Pistol Fundamentals course. Vince is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. He is a great communicator with an excellent ability of explaining complexities in a simple way. He provided specific feedback to help me improve every aspect of shooting. He’s a stickler for safety, and I felt comfortable the entire course. Most can learn to shoot at a target, but Vince focuses on the importance of marksmanship. I’d give this 10 stars if I could. Thank you Vince!!

Leah S.


Rockford, MI

(616) 207-7353

Thanks your interest! Vince will be in contact with you soon!

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